Getting Transcription Work from a Transcription Company

Published: 09th August 2010
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Do you wonder how to get your first general transcription job from home?

Working for a transcription company is the easiest way to get started and get your first transcription job from home.

General transcription may include transcribing voicemail messages, memos, letters and other documents. Some voicemail and cell phone messages can be as short as 1-2 minutes in length, while other types of recordings are typically longer and can be several hours of recording.

The shorter recordings are often transcribed by new transcriptionists. You don't need a foot pedal and you don't need any specialized equipment for this kind of general transcription work.

A transcriptionist working for a transcription company that accepts beginners will start at a lower pay. But you have to start somewhere and it's a good way to get your transcription jobs and build up experience before getting better paid transcription work from home.

Other transcription jobs involve transcribing larger audio files. This kind of transcription work pays more. A foot pedal will instantly speed up transcription work.

Some transcription companies let you select your own hours you want to work. You can work as many or as few hours as you want whenever you want. Other transcription companies require that you work a minimum number of hours and some may even require that you do transcription work from home full time.

Companies specializing in the shorter messages are often open 24 hours a day; 7 days a week and you can access files any time you want to work. You can transcribe short voice mail messages even if you only have a few minutes at a time - day or night. It's easy work for beginners and some more experienced transcriptionists continue to do that work as filler work.

Requirements to get hired as an independent contractor for transcription work from home will vary. At the very minimum, you'll need a reasonable typing speed, be able to spell accurately, follow instructions and be reliable. A typing speed of 40 words per minute may be sufficient to get started. You'll build up transcription speed with practice.

Although many only accept transcriptionists from the US, others accept general transcription applicants in and outside the US.

To get hired with a transcription company and a transcriptionist working from home and stay hired, make sure you follow their application guidelines and work guidelines carefully. Accuracy is important. A headset definitely helps.

Most companies will ask you for a resume. Mention your typing speed and any typing, editing, secretarial, administrative and transcription experience you have. Even if your transcription experience was ten years ago or was non-paid volunteer work, mention it. It's still experience. You may even want to consider doing some volunteer transcription work for a local church or organization to build general transcription experience and references.

Make sure to mention that you type with high accuracy and have excellent grammar skills. If you have secretarial and transcription experience, you might get hired quicker while less experienced transcription applicants may be on a waiting list longer.

Companies may request and check references. Some transcription companies will check if you've been convicted of a felony.

Apply to some of the transcription companies that recruit new transcriptionists. It's an easy way to break into the transcription field and start building transcription experience. It will lead to better transcription jobs in the future.

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