General Transcription Pay Rates

Published: 07th September 2010
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General transcriptions are done so that the words spoken in talks, meetings or any other event are documented. Plus, a person won’t have to listen to conversations or speeches over and over again to be able to understand them. That is why there are a lot of transcription businesses available in the market today. Most of them are ran by big companies while others are ran by start ups who employ home-based transcriptionists. If you are looking for a career at being a general transcriptionist, you should verse yourself with the transcription policies including the kind of transcription pay that you will be getting from these companies. Knowing the policies is better than wondering what went wrong later on. Below are the different kinds of payment policies of some companies which you need to know before choosing to work as a transcriptionist.

Per Line

Some clients/companies pay by line. This kind of transcription pay rate is considered to be the best kind of payment term. Because it is exact, and the companies get the true value for their money. After all, they pay transcriptionists for the exact number of words that were spoken. Usually some companies set a particular number of characters as one line. Say for example, 60 characters is counted as one line. Then each character of the transcription is counted and divided into 60 - this determines the number of lines you typed for every transcription project. Each line is about 16-18 cents per line.

Per Minute

If the price per line is the most advantageous for the company or client, the per minute rate meets the company and the transcriptionist halfway as this is beneficial for both. For transcriptionists, this is when you get a per minute price for every transcription project you get. This kind of pay system is also called the audio length pay system. This is a good alternative when the per line term is not applicable. Most per minute transcription jobs start at around 2 dollars per minute. So in the case of a 15 minute talk, you get to be paid 30 dollars. This is good for cases like forums or symposiums because some speakers get to pause or there could be lull moments. However there are some projects where the speakers tend to speak fast, which will contain a volume of spoken words scrunched into a measly minute.

Per Hour

Hourly rate is a transcription payment rate when a transcriptionist is paid for the hour he spends while transcribing the recorded speech. This works best for bulk transcription projects of about three or more Cds or tapes to be transcribed. The pay rate for these services is usually three to four times the length of the tape because it is believed that the speed of speech is three times faster than the speed of a skilled typist.

Per Page

This is another transcription pay term. While it can work similarly like the per line term, you should agree on the standard page layout so that the company or the transcriptionist won’t feel that the other has one upped the other. Agree on the size of paper, the font used, the spacing or even the margin.

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